Southern Nevada Model T Club
 Club Officers' Profiles

Photograph by Terry Handy, November 2011.  Copyright Terry Handy and SNMTC, 2011. 

Frank Ross is our President.

Frank and his wife, Suk Hi Ross met and married in 1988. They have four adult children and three grandchildren.

They are both retired from the United States Air Force and enjoy living in Las Vegas and the activities of the Southern Nevada Model T Club.

Frank found their 1923 Ford Runabout in Puyallap, Washington in July, 2007 and taught himself to drive it. Since it was already in pretty good mechanical shape when he bought it, he has gradually replaced and repaired many of the little things that needed work including the windshield, windshield posts and frames, radiator, water pump, wood-spoke wheels, tires, ignition switch, interior upholstery, top and wheel  bearings. Suk Hi loves the Model T and helps with repairs and likes to ride "shotgun" whenever she can.  She was especially helpful in mounting the tires on the split-rims, a job not for the faint of heart.


Photograph and profile of Mr. Collett by G.A. Villa.  Copyright G.A. Villa and SNMTC 2010.


Steve Collett is the Vice President for and has also served as President in 2007 and 2008. As the founder and owner of Collett Electric, a commercial and underground utilities contractor, he brings his considerable business acumen to this responsibility. A 38-year resident of Las Vegas, Mr. Collett employs between 15 and 50 electricians and employees in his Las Vegas facility which also houses some of his Model T restoration and other classic auto rebuilding work. Born in Harlan County, Kentucky, Steve worked for two years in a coal mine as a teenager before moving to North Carolina where he began a successful path to his trade as a master electrician. Steve brings his astute and practical abilities to the preservation of Model T Fords and eight other automobiles, and he is presently rebuilding two Model T Fords: a 1926 Model T Pickup and a 1926 Model T Tudor Sedan. Mr. Collett's Model T collection includes two restored 1911 Model T Touring cars and a 1915 Model T touring car, 1914 and 1920 Model T Speedsters, a 1925 Model T Touring car, a 1926 Model T Tudor, and a 1927 Roadster.  His restorations are known for his meticulous attention to detail and historical accuracy.  He is also a motorcycle and hot rod enthusiast who rounds out his talents as one who enjoys both indoor and outdoor cooking.  Steve and member Judy Fine are devoted to both the Southern Nevada Model T Club and to each other, and it is a privilege to have them as members. 

William P. Carpenter with his 1912 Ford Touring Car, March, 2010.  Photograph and profile by G.A. Villa.  Copyright G.A. Villa and SNMTC 2010.


Bill and Mayra Carpenter met while they were both serving in the United States Army at Ft. Benjamin Harrison, Indiana.  Their 20-year marriage is highlighted by their remarkable accomplishments and their ongoing public service.

Bill retired from the United States Army after 36 years of service, and he was actually hired by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD)  prior to his discharge as the G3 (Operations) Sergeant Major in the 311th Expeditionary Support Command.  He has been with the LVMPD for 17 years where he continues to work as a Corrections Officer in the Department of Detention Services.  Mayra retired from the United States Army after 20 years of service in supply, recruiting, and administration; she now works for the Nevada Department of Public Safety as a Pre-Sentence Investigation Writer for the courts.

Bill and Mayra have reared four children:  Rebecca, Joshua, Daniel, and Amanda.  Bill notes with pride that Amanda, the youngest at 22 years old, graduated from Duke University in 2009 at which time she was commissioned as a United States Army Second Lieutenant in the Medical Corps.  Lt. Carpenter will enter the Indiana University Medical School in the Fall to complete her MD.

A schooled, careful, knowledgeable craftsman who did coursework in engine rebuilding at McPherson College, Bill rebuilt the engine, transmission, and drive train of the exquisite 1912 Ford Touring car that is in the picture here.  Over a period of five years, Bill also rebuilt a 1927 Chevrolet Roadster that he salvaged from an Iowa junk yard.  He also owns a 1929 Ford Model A.  An avid motorcylist, his collection includes a 1967 Superhawk, a 1970 Triumph Bonneville, a 1983 Goldwing, and a 1994 Kawasaki KLX.  Not one to be limited by time, Bill also is a clock builder, a skier, and a scuba dive master!  Mayra enjoys reading and collects original vinyl LPs as part of her love of music.

It would be impossible not to hope that everyone will have an opportunity to see Bill's magnificent red 1912 Ford Touring car.  The Southern Nevada Model T Club is proud to have Bill and Mayra as members. 

John Craft
Photograph by Ken Schofield, Cheshire, England.  Copyright Ken Scholfield and SNMTC 2010.  Profile by G.A. Villa, copyright G.A. Villa and SNMTC.


John Craft is a 13-year member of the Southern Nevada Model T Club, and he led the club as President in 2003.  He has served the club as the Historian since 2004.  John was born in Kansas, and he began his varied and distinguished work career with a two-year stint as a U.S. Army paratrooper from 1953 to 1955.  He served as Jumpmaster from 1954 to 1955.   Following his time in the U.S. Army, he met and married his wife of 54 years, Sharolyn, in Nebraska.  A natural engineer and craftsman, John graduated from the Spartan School of Aeronautics in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in 1959, and he went on to work for the Boeing Company, during which time he earned his Private Pilot Certificate in 1962.  Later John was President of the Jolyn Corporation in South Dakota where he oversaw the manufacture of self-loading, loader-mounted concrete mixers.  Privately, John invented the Bedcap-Camper and was awarded U.S. Patent No.3,512,828 in 1970, and he was the co-inventor of the circumferential friction chain drive which holds U.S. Patent No. 3,599,502.  John also served as project manager for paving and bridge projects and for water treatment plants.  His work as a designer and pattern maker of sophisticated window shutters sets the tone for the known quality of his work on his Model T cars and overall:  meticulously crafted, carefully finished, and beautifully maintained.  John's generosity within the club finds expression with mechanical help and wood-working help where the need arises.  His photographs demonstrate his considerable talent (his photograph of Jimmy Carter on "Members' Profiles Page 2" is a worthwhile example), and his written and photographic histories of club events are appreciated and prized.  John has a 1927 Ford Model T Roadster (pictured here) and a 1927 Ford Model T Depot Hack. 

Harold Mann

Photograph and profile by G.A. Villa , copyright G.A. Villa SNMTC 2010.


Harold Mann has been with the Southern Nevada Model T Club from the very beginning when Harold joined four others in forming the club in 1992.  Harold's wife of 57 years, Dortha was an active member of the club until she passed away in 2013.
Mr. Mann initiated the successful effort to bring the Southern Nevada Model T Club into the Model T Club of America as a charter member.  During that time, Harold has served as club President for five years and has served variously as Treasurer and Tourmaster.  Notably, Harold has edited and produced the SNMTC newsletter, T Driver , almost exclusively during his 20 years with the club.  That newsletter has and continues to reflect his generosity with the club members and his sensible passion for the Model T Ford.  One may note briefly that he has a background in aeronautical engineering and that he has worked as a professional petroleum engineer, but what is most important to him is his work with the Southern Nevada Model T Club and the great pleasure he derives from driving any one of his four cars:  1925 Ford Model T Runabout; 1926 Ford Model T Runabout; 1918 Ford Model T Touring Car; and his 1913 Metz Speedster (one of four original Metz model speedsters known to exist).  
  The picture included with this profile is, fittingly, one of Harold driving one of his Model T Ford cars recently.  In 2010 Mr. Mann was one of three members given an award of appreciation by the Southern Nevada Model T Club for his prominent role in the organization and creation of the club. 

Photograph of Mr. Carter and Rufus by John T. Craft, February 6, 2009.  Copyright John T. Craft and SNMTC 2010.  Profile by G.A. Villa, SNMTC


Jimmy Carter has been Secretary of the Club since 2008, with the exception of 2011 & 12. Jimmy brings a diverse and talented background to the Club.  Born in Kansas City, Kansas, Jimmy was 13 years old when he got his first Model T Ford, a 1926 Tudor.  That car was sold while he was in Augsburg, Germany, serving as an MP with the U.S. Army from 1958 to 1962, and when he returned stateside, he bought a 1923 Model T Touring car.  His work as a millwright, a fabricator, a machinist, a welder, a pipe fitter, and a mechanic exemplifies the range of his respected abilities.  Jimmy was seriously injured when a golf club car he was working on fell on him, and a series of surgeries were required to return him to the fold of Model T aficionados.  The club members are grateful for his good work and his always good spirits and the quality of his help.  Pictured with Jimmy is Rufus, the dog who lent his considerable presence to the Club meeting place.  Jimmy has come full circle as he once again owns a 1926 Model T Ford Tudor pictured here.

Donna and John Colo'n with a 1922 Model T Ford Telephone Coupe, March, 2010.  Photograph and profile by G.A. Villa.  Copyright G.A. Villa and SNMTC 2010.

John Colo'n serves again in 2017 as the Membership Chairman. Sadly, his lovely wife, Donna, passed away last year from cancer. We will always hold a special place in our hearts for Donna. So many of the Southern Nevada Model T Club members look forward to our Saturday morning drives to different breakfast locations and particularly to the good fellowship and company of Donna and John Colo'n.  The 1922 Telephone Coupe they drive was owned by John's brother-in-law, Ronny Mazzucchi of California, and they are both good caretakers of the car and a natural fit as passengers.  Perhaps no other car in the club speaks of an earlier time of motoring innocence as the red high-cab Model T as it moves among the modern cars of today and the other cars in the Club, and we can only hope that the people who drove those cars some 88 years ago were as nice as Donna and John.

John was a cattle rounder for his stepdad in Potter Valley, California, early in his life, and then went on to serve in the civil engineering field as a road builder and ultimately as a foreman who worked building bridges and boxed culverts.  John did this work for 38 years in California before retiring, and he enjoyed an 8-year stretch of coaching Little League baseball in Sonoma, California, in the 1980's and 1990's.  John served in the United States Marine Corps for four years in Communications as a radio operator.

Photograph and profile of Mr. Cooper 2010 by G.A. Villa.  Copyright G.A. Villa and SNMTC 2010.


Gary Cooper is a long-time Southern Nevada Model T Club member who will resume his duties as Tourmaster again in 2014. Gary has served as Membership officer and Tourmaster in prior years.  Mr. Cooper is one of the founding members of the Southern Nevada Model T Club.  At its inception in 1992, the club actually met at his piano tuning shop.  Gary's piano tuning business was just part of his talent as a musician:  he played bass guitar and was particularly known for his banjo solos.  Another of his talents is that of a master Model T Ford mechanic.

Gary was born and raised in Ronan, Montana, where his dad was a Ford garage mechanic.  He worked with and around his dad, and began working on Model T Fords when he was 14 years old.  Any time spent in the Southern Nevada Model T Club garage facility with Gary is unquestionably an education in the techniques and expertise of Model T Ford mechanics and repair.

The owner of a 1924 Model T Ford Touring car, Gary is an 19-year member who has served as President for two years and as Tour Master for eight years.  The 1909 Model T Ford Touring Car appearing on the cover of the January-February 2009 The Vintage Ford (Volume 44 Number 1) was restored by Mr. Cooper.

Before this writer had the privilege of joining the Southern Nevada Model T Club and the privilege of Gary Cooper's acquaintance and friendship, any time a conversation about Model T Fords began, Gary was referred to with respect and appreciation.  "Who is this guy?"  I thought.  Now I know, and I hold him in the same high regard as others in Las Vegas.

Gary and his wife of 34 years, Ramona, are anchoring members of the Southern Nevada Model T Club.   In 2010 Mr. Cooper was one of three founding members given an award of appreciation by the Southern Nevada Model T Club for his prominent role in the creation and organization of the club.

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